Security Department

Mission Description:  To provide a secure and safe environment that allows patients, visitors, personnel and volunteers to deliver or receive quality services with minimal threats against their personal well-being and property.

One of the first departments seen in the front lobby of the first floor of Union General Hospital is the Security Department.  Naturally, it is a 24-hour department and is responsible for monitoring over 100 video cameras throughout the campus, as well as all access points in the hospital, dialysis center, and nursing home.  There are 4 full time and 1 part time officer. 

Security Director:  Cecil Solaguren

The hospital has a license issued by the State of Georgia to operate it's own security department.  Each officer is individually licensed to operate under the hospital's license.  Additionally, this allows officers to carry a firearm, both in an exposed manner as well as concealed. 

Each officer must attend security courses, qualify with a firearm and taser, as well as pass a use of force test.  Continued education is required prior to each license renewal.  Firearm qualification and taser recertification is an annual recurring requirement.

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